Impressions of the Stubai-Cup 2018

This year we were for the first time with departures at the 27th Stubai-Cup in the Stubai valley. This testival is organized by the local flight school Parafly. We were impressed by the perfect organization by dozens of helpers! Monika Eller, the head of the whole (blond) Parafly gang, does an excellent job, has a sense of humor and always makes the audience laugh with her horny sayings.

Friday evening there was a lecture by Chrigel Maurer (Hike & Fly), Saturday evening there was a buffet followed by a flying party. This was less well attended - which was certainly also due to the fact that there was generally not so much going on. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not optimal with a shallow hairdryer. But on site we could fly and test on all 3 days. Friday and Saturday there were sporadic starting bans and Sunday was then announced from 13 o'clock clear hair dryer, which broke through again and again times into the valley.

In addition to numerous manufacturers, we were able to present our products optimally and were also very positively surprised in the Stubai Valley by always optimal customer comments. The quality of our organic textiles (including our accessories) is praised throughout and even shirts that have been worn bainahe daily for 1.5 years still have the character of a new textile.

Our Aventus 3.1 paraglider jacket we could unfortunately not present live, since this is currently still in the factory for sampling for the 2nd prototype. But we are very confident that we will receive our 2nd prototype in March and then we can finish our final tests!

Bei allen Abgeflogen Fans und Freunden bedanke ich mich von Herzen für eure Treue und Unterstützung! Die Gleischirm-Szene ist sehr klein – aber auch sehr fein und ich treffe regelmäßig tolle Menschen, die unserem geliebten Sport genauso verfallen sind wie ich 🙂

Großen Dank natürlich auch an das Abgeflogen-Team Sascha und Hans für euren Einsatz. 3 Tage bei diesen Bedingungen zu arbeiten ist halt doch etwas anderes, als den ganzen Tag im Büro zu hocken. Aber zumindest kommt man dabei mal in die Luft und was gibt es denn schöneres als draußen an der frischen Luft zu sein? 😉


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