Short trip to Bassano

In week 41 the weather was finally passable from the forecasts. But we skipped the Dolomites this year, because there was already a lot of snow. So we went 4 days to Bassano. We stayed overnight partly in a campervan and partly in a hotel (Abbazzia). The base was very deep (around 1.100m) but it flew reliably every day. The Fusion was with us as a tester and it was very well received by its test pilots!

Bassano ist immer wieder eine Reise wert. Man trifft so viele nette, coole und auch verrückte Menschen – einfach ein Genuss 🙂


Paraglider labeling vs. Dominico (Dokdo)

Who wants to use his paraglider for advertising purposes should inform himself in advance. Not all cloths used can be labeled. We regularly have to refuse requests for Paraglider labeling from

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Bekleidung im Winter

Winter paragliding clothing

The most beautiful hobby in the world is not always to be practiced during the warm season, but preferably all year round and also in winter!

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