Short trip to Bassano

In week 41 the weather was finally passable from the forecasts. But we skipped the Dolomites this year, because there was already a lot of snow. So we went 4 days to Bassano. We stayed overnight partly in a campervan and partly in a hotel (Abbazzia). The base was very deep (around 1.100m) but it flew reliably every day. The Fusion was with us as a tester and it was very well received by its test pilots!

Bassano ist immer wieder eine Reise wert. Man trifft so viele nette, coole und auch verrückte Menschen – einfach ein Genuss 🙂



Ab sofort verfügbar – unser neues I’D RATHER BE FLYING Shirt im Vintage-Look der 50er/60er Jahre. Das Bio-Shirt kommt in diversen Farben für Sie und

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