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Ripstop Repair Film


Includes 19% MwSt. DE

Self-adhesive ripstop adhesive film for professional repair of no cracks and holes in paraglider sails. Highest quality, very light and easy to apply. Available in many colors to match the cloth of the paraglider manufacturer.

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Technical data:

  • Dimensions approx. 15cm x 20cm
  • very light with 38g/qm
  • Ripstop fabric from 100% Nylon
  • modified acrylic adhesive for extra heavy duty
  • Temperature range -40°C to +120°C
  • Covering paper siliconized on both sides
  • suitable for most paraglider colors


  1. zu reparierende Stelle staubfrei machen
  2. auf Wunschmaß zuschneiden
  3. peel off from carrier foil
  4. stick on the area to be repaired
  5. rub with finger
  6. finished

Additional information


Dunkelgrün, Dunkelrot, Grau, Hellgrün, Orange, Rot, Schwarz, Silberweiß (nicht transparent), Mittelblau, Dunkelblau