Abgeflogen BrakeBalls (1 pair)

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Ø outside 34mm, Ø inside 9mm. Color black. The set includes one pair - 2 balls (without brake handles). Available in 2 colors with and without slit by passing the brake line through.

Clog handle posture was yesterday, winding brakes is tiring and monotonous in the long run. The Brake-Balls give you an optimal feeling to your glider and have a relieving effect and forearms! The ideal upgrade for every pilot, especially for cross country pilots! 

Order 3 - get 4!

Ab einer Bestellung von 3 Brake-Balls (2er Set) erhältst du als Dankeschön ein Set gratis dazu. Deine Fliegerfreunde werden es dir danken! 😉



Paraglider balls to retrofit for brake handles with swivel

If you want to feel your glider optimally, you have to get rid of the classic brake handle position (also called toilet handle position). A long brake advance (as usual with all A+B gliders) + the length of the brake handle do not offer an optimal working height when working with the brakes. In addition, the whole system has too much play, so that you cannot fine-tune your glider with the brakes, or even notice possible stalls or other disturbances too late with the brake pressure - and above all you can react to them correctly!

Therefore, the winding of the brakes has established itself. The braking distance is shortened slightly but very effectively and with thumb and index finger at the level of the vertebrae you can feel, react and control optimally.

However, the method of wrapping is often very tiring for the hands and arms, cuts off the blood circulation and is simply uncomfortable on long flights. By extending the brake handles by the Abgeflogen BrakeBalls (similar to the well-known Acro Handels) you will experience a whole new feeling when flying. The feeling for the brake becomes even more exact and you still have the possibility to change between wrapping and the brake-balls!Balls fit optimally between the middle and index finger and offer a less tiring piloting over a longer period

The installation of the BrakeBalls with slot is easy: The BrakeBalls are pulled through the slot over the brake line (small opening upwards). Then you push the ball over the swivel and fix it with several knots, so that the ball can no longer slide over the vertebra. Illustrated instructions see below.

Assembly of the BrakeBalls without slot: Open the brake line knot, mark the adjusted length with a felt-tip pen (if this is not already the case at the factory) and then pull the brake line through the ball. The opening on one side of the ball is exactly large enough for the swivel of the brake to fit in. With the correct brake line knot (see video below) the ball is automatically fixed above the swivel so that it cannot slip any more. 1-2 extra strokes additionally ensure that the ball can no longer slide upwards from the vertebra.

From now on we deliver all BrakeBalls without slot with a plastic hose. This prevents the ball from sliding up without additional knotting. Simply put this hose over the brake line and push it through the swivel during assembly.

If you want to equip our BrakeBalls with a slit with the hose, you have to open the brake line knot.

The advantages at a glance:

  • easy extension for all brake handles with swivel (can also be retrofitted)
  • Version with slot: no need to open the brake line knot
  • optimal connection between pilot and wing
  • less fatigue for hands and arms
  • fit optimally over the brake swivel
  • easy assembly/disassembly


Are there dangers?

We have BrakeBalls with and without slot tested extensively. Assuming a proper assembly according to the instructions and a conscientious start check, we could not detect any danger.

Assembly instruction of the BrakeBalls ohne Schlitz:

Assembly instruction of the BrakeBalls with slot:

  1. The balls are pulled with the narrower hole upwards through the slot over the brake line and then positioned over the swivel
  2. The rest of the brake line is knotted so (wide) that the ball cannot slide over it anymore (please check if the ball remains fixed under tension!)


Security advice:

  1. It is not allowed to shorten the brake lines of a paraglider. The glider will lose its seal of approval. Therefore, be very careful not to shorten or lengthen the brake lines during assembly! It is best to mark the junction point before removing the brake handle.
  2. When using the BrakeBalls, you should only loop your hand through the brake lever if you can get out without any problems! This depends on the thickness of your gloves and the diameter of the handle. It is best to always leave your thumb outside when passing through.
  3. When assembling, make sure that the balls are firmly fixed and cannot slip. Make sure after the assembly by an extensive check again. Before each start, make sure that the balls are properly fixed on the swivel.
  4. Use at your own risk

Additional information

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Brake Balls

Mit Schlitz blau (Befestigung ohne öffnen des Leinenknotens), Mit Schlitz schwarz (Befestigung ohne öffnen des Leinenknotens), Ohne Schlitz schwarz (Leinenknoten muss geöffnet werden)