“Abgeflogen” BrakeBalls (1 pair)

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outer Ø 34mm, inner Ø 9mm. Black colour. The set contains a pair – 2 balls (without the brake handles). Available in 2 colours, with or without a slot for the brake-line.


Grabbing your brake-handles like a toilet handle is out. Wrapping the lines is tiring and monotonous. The “abgeflogen” BrakeBalls provide optimum feeling for your glider and help you relieve your hands and forearms! The ideal upgrade for all pilots, especially xc-pilots.

Order 3 – get 4!

If you order a minimum of 3 Brake-Balls(Set of 2), you will receive an extra one for free. Your pilot buddies will be deeply grateful! 😉

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BrakeBalls to upgrade handles with swivels

If you want to perfectly feel your glider, you are probably forced to say goodbye to the classic way of holding your brake handles (also called the “toilet-handle” grip). A fairly long way before brake contact (normal for all A and B wings) and the size of the brake loops do not give you optimum height for your active flying. And this system has too much margin, so you cannot fine-adjust the brakes. Possible stalls or other disturbances might be felt very late on the brake-handles which might result in the wrong inputs!

That is why wrapping the brake-lines was established. The long way to actual brake contact will be shortened slightly but effecitvely and having both thumb and forefinger at the height of the swivel gives you optimum feeling and reaction.

But this method is mostly very tiring for forearms and hands, disturbs your blood flow and simply is uncomfortable. By attaching the “abgeflogen” BrakeBalls (similar to the well-known acro-handles) you will have a complete new feeling during flight. You will be more precise on the brakes and still have the possibility to switch from wrap to BrakeBalls. The BrakeBalls perfectly fit between middlefinger and forefinger, providing less tiring pilotage over a longer period of time.

Mounting the BrakeBalls with the slot is very easy: Simply route the brakeline through the slot (smaller hole facing towards wing). Slide the ball over the swivel and give 1-2 extra knots with the remaining line, so it can not slide back above the swivel.

Mounting BrakeBalls without slot: Open the knot at the brake handle after marking the exact position (if not already marked by the manufacturer) and route the line through the BrakeBall. Note, that one hole on the ball is bigger, to provide exact room for the swivel. By using the correct knot (see video), the BrakeBall will automatically be held in place. 1-2 extra knots will prevent the Ball from slipping back above the swivel.

Now we deliver all BrakeBalls without slot with a plastic tube. This prevents the ball from slipping up without additional knotting. Simply slip this tube over the brake line and push it through the vortex during assembly.

If you want to equip our slotted BrakeBalls, you need to open the knot.

Advantages at one glance:

  • Simple extension for all brake handles with a swivel (can be refitted also)
  • Version with slot: no opening of the knot
  • perfect connection of pilot and wing
  • stress-free for hands and forearms
  • perfectly fit over swivel
  • simple mount and removal

Any risks?

We extensively tried the BrakeBalls both with and w/o the slot. Provided you perform a proper installation according our instructions and a consequent launch check, we could not find any safety hazard.

Installation of the BrakeBalls w/o the slot:

Installation of the BrakeBalls with the slot:

  1. BrakeBalls will be installed with the smaller hole facing towards the wing, sliding the brakeline through the slot, and positioning it on top of the swivel
  2. make a big extra knots with the remaining brakeline, so the ball cannot slide back. Please make a final check if the knot fixes the ball really!

Safety warning:

  1. Shortening the brakelines is not allowed. Your wing automatically looses its flight certification. Use extreme caution not to change the length of the lines. You can assure that by marking the exact position of the knot with a marker prior to opening the knot.
  2. When using the BrakeBalls, you should only slide through the brake handles when you can assure a quick exit from them. This depends on the size of the gloves and the size of the handle. It is best to just leave your thumb out when sliding through the handles.
  3. During assembly, make sure that the balls are firmly fixed and can not slip up. Make sure you have an extensive check after mounting. Before each start, make sure that the balls are properly fixed on the swivel.
  4. All use is on your own risk

Additional information

Ausführung BrakeBalls

Black with slot (fixture without opening the knot), Black without slot (Knot must be opened), Blue with slot (fixture without opening the knot)


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