“abgeflogen” SafetyTag with 5-point-check


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High-grade, mulitlayered PE-tag with a Titanal brummel-hook attached (extra- lightweight). On the front you find the 5-point-check, on the back a “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT”. The safety tag will be delivered with a counterpart, consisting of another Titanal brummel-hook and an original Liros line, to attach it to your harness, cockpit or anywhere else.

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Safety first!

This principle applies to all sports – especially to the more risky hobbies like paragliding. To make that wonderful sport just a bit safer, we developed this unique product to remind the pilots before launch of those important pre-launch-checks.

Unfortunately there are many severe accidents every year, which could have been prevented by a consequently applied pre-launch-check!


  1. All buckles closed? (helmet, harness, carabiners)
  2. All lines clear? (lines, risers, brakelines, speed-system)
  3. Leading edge open, glider OK? (nicely layed out on the ground)
  4. Wind OK? (strength and direction)
  5. Airspace clear? (for a safe launch)

You practically cannot forget this check with the “abgeflogen” SafetyTag. It works like this:

  1. Ideally, the SafetyTag will be attached prior to your first flight to one of the brummel-hooks of your speed-system on your harness. Best on the side that you usually connect last.
  2. When attaching your speed-system to the glider just before launch, you will be reminded automatically on your 5-point-check. You can only connect your speed-system after removing your SafetyTag
  3. After removing the SafetyTag, you can store it by attaching it close to the chest strap. To ensure best storage, we included the separate counterpart for your SafetyTag.
  4. 4. After landing, you simply attach the SafetyTag back on your speed-system hooks of the harness. Done!

The brilliant idea is that you automatically touch the SafetyTag as soon as you connect the speed-system to the glider. This is normally done as a last step after putting on your harness, closing all buckles and the glider is connected to the carabiners. Just at the right point, before connecting the speed-system and being ready for launch! Of course, you can attach the SafetyTag anywhere on your harness, just as a reminder.

Is there any risks?

NO! By connecting your speed-system, you are inevitebly forced to touch the SafetyTag and therefore the 5-point-check. There is no way to continue without spending a thought on the pre-launch-check and to do something about it – “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT”! That’s the bright idea behind this system 🙂

Should you ever forget to connect your speed-system, the bright colour in front of you should remind you to connect it. If you still did not do it, that’s not the end of the world – the SafetyTag will not bother you during launch, flight or landing.

Of course, using the SafetyTag is on your own risk. Using it does not mean you do not need to care anymore. It is your responsibility to perform a propper and concentrated pre-launch-check.

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