About us

The project „abgeflogen“ began in 2010 with a blog for paragliders. By the end of 2016, founder Nicolas Weber startet the company „abgeflogen“ with first innovative products like the SafetyTag and an own label for clothing on a natural and sustainable base. During the following years, more Accessoires for paragliders came on to the market. A further milestone in 2018 – „Abgeflogen“ was rebranded to „Abgeflogen Flywear GmbH“.

Nicolas fliegt seit 2010 leidenschaftlich Gleitschirm, XC, Tandem am Berg und an der Winde, UL (Motorschirm) und elektrifiziert.

Our Mission

There are numerous manufacturers of paragliding fashion and accessories. We do not want to be one of the many, but move on with own visions and innovations, placing products on the market that give extra value to the pilots and mainly please them.

Our main focus is sustainability of ressources and products that have been produced under fair conditions. Fair for mankind, animals and our nature.