Paraglider labeling vs. Dominico (Dokdo)

Who wants to use his paraglider for advertising purposes should inform himself in advance. Not all cloths used can be labeled.

We regularly have to refuse requests for Paraglider labeling from customers, as labeling is impossible due to the materials (paraglider cloth). In the meantime, practically only cloths from 2 manufacturers are used in paraglider construction. Porcher Sport (France) and Dominiko (South Korea). However, the cloth Dokto from Dominiko is extremely silicone (slippery). The surface practically feels like the backing paper of a sticker - no glue can stick to it!

We work with the ripstop adhesive films of the company skysticker - market leader in this field - which have a very high adhesive strength. On the sail cloth from Porcher skysticker adheres optimally and permanently.

Therefore, we would like to offer all pilots and commercial pilots who are planning to have a Paraglider labeling , to make sure before buying a glider which cloth has been installed! On the websites of the manufacturers you can usually find all the information about the installed lower sail / upper sail.

UPDATE: Für einfache, schwarze Beschriftungen haben wir mittlerweile spezielle Folien mit Silkokonkleber im Angebot. Ideal für kleine Logos, UL-Kennungen, Schriftzüge oder SHV-Nummern.


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